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In the journalism industry, experience with multimedia is in demand now more than ever. Robert Small has practiced in creating videos and podcasts and taken photos in preparation for that career.
Visit Flickr to view photos that he has taken and posted on this site.

Podcast: Sixers Blow Out Kings 102-80

Podcast: Philadelphia 76ers @ Sacramento Kings Preview

One-on-One with Sacramento Lions RB Cory Ross

(Note: Featured on the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions' fan website

1-on-1 with Daunte Culpepper

(Note: Featured on the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions' fan website

Video: Sneak peek of St. Rose of Lima fountains

Volunteers revamp Zapata Park

Voice of the Nation #74
(Note: Contributed interview audio to podcast featured on The Lakers Nation.)

Panthers finish football season strong

City Talk: What are you thankful for this holiday season?

(Note:  Collaboration between Small and Ian McDonald. Marietta Brown is their interviewee, who appears first on the podcast.  Submitted by McDonald. Article by Juan de Anda.)

Panthers wrestle to success

(Note:  Filmed and narrated by Small.  Edited by Cecilio Padilla.)

City talk: What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

(Note:  Collaboration between Small and McDonald.  Robin Kelly is their interviewee, who appears second on the podcast. Submitted by advisor Jason Montiel. Article by Ashley Glimstad.)

Panther football regroups, beats Shasta College

(Note:  Filmed by Small. Report and narration by Hana King. Edited by Padilla.)

Panthers ousted in home opener

(Note:  Interviews and article by Small.  Filmed, edited and narrated byPadilla.)


College and Career Fair

Anime Club

Tree Planting

Winter Guard

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